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American artist Clare Rojas.

Artist Clare Rojas – Geometric Abstraction

Clare Rojas' visual art of pure geometric abstraction. Clare Rojas was born in 1976 in Columbus, Ohio. She currently lives and works as an internationally...
Come Play With Us, Forever - acrylic on canvas painting by Victor Castillo

Macabre Art – Paintings by Victor Castillo

So sweet and vicious! Acrylic paintings by Victor Castillo, an artist born in Santiago, Chile currently living in Los Angeles, California. Castillo's painting style is...
The Writer - Painting by Justin Harris

The Writer – Series of Paintings by Justin Harris

The Writer. A series of paintings by Justin Harris, an artist and illustrator from London, UK. The artworks have been created by using oil, acrylic,...

DARK and RED III Acrylics on Canvas by DZO Olivier

DARK and RED III. A series of acrylic paintings on canvas by DZO Olivier, a French artist graduated at the School of Fine Arts in...
My Blind Passenger - Painting by John Reuss

The Visual Art of John Reuss

Acrylic Paintings. A selection of acrylic paintings on canvases by artist John Reuss. The artworks are characterized by contrasts. The artist depicts the juxtaposition of...
A game breaks halfway through - Mixed media on canvas by Ian Francis

Mixed Media Artworks by Ian Francis

Creative Artworks. Selected mixed media on canvas artworks from 2012 by Ian Francis. The artist takes his inspiration from movies and street culture to create...
Restless - Artwork with Pencils, Charcoal, Pastel and Acrylics by Łukasz Koniuszy

The Art of Łukasz Koniuszy

Paintings and Drawings. Some beautiful paintings and drawings by Łukasz Koniuszy, a Polish artist. Łukasz Koniuszy is specializes in Graffiti, Painting, and Drawing. For the...
Holding Hands - Graphic Artwork by Geoff McFetridge

Graphic Art Paintings by Geoff McFetridge

Around Us & Between Us. London-based art gallery Ivory & Black Soho presents artist and designer Geoff McFetridge with a solo exhibition from September 14...
Monochrome flesh - Oil on Canvas Art Painting by Yasuyo Fujibe

Monochrome flesh – Oil on Canvas Paintings by Yasuyo Fujibe

Visual Arts: The Monochrome flesh Series. A series of oil paintings on canvas created in 2009 by Japanese artist Yasuyo Fujibe.
Continuum - Collage on Paper by Artist Robert Hardgrave

Visual Art Inspiration – Paintings by Robert Hardgrave

Inspiring Abstract Art. A collection of paintings and collages by visual artist Robert Hardgrave. Artist's statement: "My paintings are meditations on the unpredictability of life. Despite...
Siren's Shadow Oil Painting on Canvas by Ana Teresa Fernandez

Oil Paintings by Ana Teresa Fernandez

Inspiring Visual Art. A collection of oil paintings by Ana Teresa Fernandez. Her paintings show different situations, mostly in an erotic and very feminine way. The black high...
Parallel Realities - Oil On Canvas by Roy Nachum

Parallel Realities – Oil Paintings by Roy Nachum

Fascinating Art. Stunning oil on canvas paintings from the series 'Parallel Realities' by artist Roy Nachum.