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The Unforbidden Cyclist – Art Print by 100copies

The Unforbidden Cyclist - the last design of the tire print series by Thomas Yang of 100copies. Here it comes, the last artwork of the...

Cyclemon – Motion Design by Thomas Pomarelle

Motion Graphics for Cyclemon. Motion design by Thomas Pomarelle to promote Cyclemon's poster series "You Are What You Ride". The music in the video is...

Creative Ad Campaign by BikeNYC

Bike like a New Yorker Ad Campaign. A clever image campaign by BikeNYC in collaboration with Transportation Alternatives. Concise quotes in striking typography presented as street...

Identitiy Design for Re-Cycles by Design Studio ‘And’

Vintage Identity Design. Design studio 'And' created this beautiful vintage inspired brand identity. Re-Cycles is a business for bicycle restorations and repairs based in Melbourne.

Cycling Posters by Caleb Kozlowski

Poster Design. A collection of cycling posters created by Caleb Kozlowski, a design director at Hybrid Design in San Francisco.