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Wuppertalska - Acrylic on cavas on panel.

Architectural Paintings by Roos van Dijk

A selection of architectural paintings by artist Roos van Dijk. Roos van Dijk was born in Utrecht, Netherlands in 1989. The artist is fascinated by...
Diamonds - Oil painting by Beata Chrzanowska

Artist Beata Chrzanowska

The Art of Beata Chrzanowska. More than a year ago I presented you several artworks by Beata Chrzanowska. It's about time to provide you with...
Painting by Eric Lacombe

The Creepy Visual Art of Eric Lacombe

Creepy Acrylic Portraits. A selection of acrylic paintings by French artist Eric Lacombe. His paintings often show distorted ghastly faces, which convey a very creepy mood....
Come Play With Us, Forever - acrylic on canvas painting by Victor Castillo

Macabre Art – Paintings by Victor Castillo

So sweet and vicious! Acrylic paintings by Victor Castillo, an artist born in Santiago, Chile currently living in Los Angeles, California. Castillo's painting style is...
Acrylic Painting by Cristina Troufa

Acrylic Paintings by Cristina Troufa

Expressive Paintings. Cristina Troufa is an artist from Portugal. Her acrylic paintings are narratives about her own life, her thoughts and beliefs. A particular aspect in...
Acrylic Animal Portraits on Photos by Charlotte Caron

Acrylic Animal Portraits on Photos by Charlotte Caron

Acrylic Paintings on Photographs. This series of paintings on photographs by French artist Charlotte Caron is inspired by the humanization of animals and the animalization of...
Acrylic Painting by Alex Gardner

Paintings and Drawings by Alex Gardner

Acrylics & Ink. Some inspiring acrylic paintings and ink drawings by Alex Gardner, a visual artist based in Los Angeles. I love the surrealistic style...
My Blind Passenger - Painting by John Reuss

The Visual Art of John Reuss

Acrylic Paintings. A selection of acrylic paintings on canvases by artist John Reuss. The artworks are characterized by contrasts. The artist depicts the juxtaposition of...
Rain Dance - Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Rom Villaseran

Acrylic Paintings by Rom Villaseran

Inspiring Art. Acrylic paintings on canvas by Manila-based artist Rom Villaseran.
Holding Hands - Graphic Artwork by Geoff McFetridge

Graphic Art Paintings by Geoff McFetridge

Around Us & Between Us. London-based art gallery Ivory & Black Soho presents artist and designer Geoff McFetridge with a solo exhibition from September 14...
Disassembly - Painting by Brendan Monroe

Paintings by Brendan Monroe

Art Inspiration. A selection of acrylic paintings on paper by Oakland, California-based artist, illustrator and sculptor Brendan Monroe. With his art he tries to interpret...