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Painting by Eric Lacombe

The Creepy Visual Art of Eric Lacombe

Creepy Acrylic Portraits. A selection of acrylic paintings by French artist Eric Lacombe. His paintings often show distorted ghastly faces, which convey a very creepy mood....
Sleepwalkers, acrylic and oil on canvas by Lorella Paleni

The Art of Lorella Paleni

Dreamlike Paintings. Selected paintings by Lorella Paleni. The artworks look as if someone cut them out of a dream. Lorella Paleni mixes different styles such...
Different plane of existence - Artwork by Augustine Kofie

Structurally Sound Exhibition by Augustine Kofie at White Walls SF

Structurally Sound - Solo Exhibition. San Francisco-based White Walls galler presents 'Structurally Sound', a solo exhibition with artworks by Augustine Kofie. The show opened on...
Come Play With Us, Forever - acrylic on canvas painting by Victor Castillo

Macabre Art – Paintings by Victor Castillo

So sweet and vicious! Acrylic paintings by Victor Castillo, an artist born in Santiago, Chile currently living in Los Angeles, California. Castillo's painting style is...
The Writer - Painting by Justin Harris

The Writer – Series of Paintings by Justin Harris

The Writer. A series of paintings by Justin Harris, an artist and illustrator from London, UK. The artworks have been created by using oil, acrylic,...

DARK and RED III Acrylics on Canvas by DZO Olivier

DARK and RED III. A series of acrylic paintings on canvas by DZO Olivier, a French artist graduated at the School of Fine Arts in...
My Blind Passenger - Painting by John Reuss

The Visual Art of John Reuss

Acrylic Paintings. A selection of acrylic paintings on canvases by artist John Reuss. The artworks are characterized by contrasts. The artist depicts the juxtaposition of...
Rain Dance - Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Rom Villaseran

Acrylic Paintings by Rom Villaseran

Inspiring Art. Acrylic paintings on canvas by Manila-based artist Rom Villaseran.
Continuum - Collage on Paper by Artist Robert Hardgrave

Visual Art Inspiration – Paintings by Robert Hardgrave

Inspiring Abstract Art. A collection of paintings and collages by visual artist Robert Hardgrave. Artist's statement: "My paintings are meditations on the unpredictability of life. Despite...
Art of Kaspian Shore

The Art of Kaspian Shore

Art Portraits. Selected paintings by Kaspian Shore, an artists who works with acrylics, pencil and watercolor. More artworks by Kaspian Shore here.
The Art of Jason Thielke

The Art of Jason Thielke

Art Inspiration. Some artistic portraits by Jason Thielke. The artist often combines different technics like acrylic paintings, pencil drawings, laser etching or block printing.
Spunky Zoe Art

Spunky Zoe Paintings

The Creepy, Freaky Art of Spunky Zoe. South Korean artist Spunky Zoe creates creepy surreal portrais by using pens and acrylic on paper.