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Adoration VI - Pure pigment, Japanese Ink on Kumohada Paper - Created in 2013.

Japanese Artist Kiyo Hasegawa

Abstract paintings by Japanese artist Kiyo Hasegawa. Kiyo Hasegawa was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1984. After a BFA in 2009, she graduated with a...
Derryra Beg - Work with watercolor and ink on paper.

Contemporary Artist Koen Lybaert

Koen Lybaert, a contemporary artist from Belgium. Koen Lybaert was born in 1965 in Wilrijk, Belgium. He is a contemporary artist who creates abstract paintings...
Work from a series of abstract paintings, prepared for Joanna Pieczyńska's Bachelor degree.

Abstract Paintings by Joanna Pieczyńska

A collection of abstract paintings created by Polish art and design student, Joanna Pieczyńska. Joanna Pieczyńska is a Warsaw, Poland based art and design student...
Crash - visual art by Jeff Erickson.

Abstract Paintings by Artist Jeff Erickson

A collection of contemporary abstract paintings by artist Jeff Erickson. Jeff Erickson is a contemporary artist based in Alexandria, Virginia. His abstract paintings depict landscape...
Rainy Day - Painting by Nebojsa Nikolic

Nebojsa Nikolic Paintings

Abstract Art. Nebojsa Nikolic was born in 1971 in Vranje, Serbia. In 1997, the artist completed a Master's thesis in painting at The Faculty of Arts...
Abstract Painting by Theo Altenberg

Abstract Paintings by German Artist Theo Altenberg

Abstract Visual Art. Theo Altenberg (born 1952 in Mönchengladbach) is a German artist, performer, and singer. Below is a small selection of his abstract paintings....