Storage Kit Shkatulka by Lesha Galkin

Shkatulka (шкатулка), a well designed storage kit by Russian illustrator and designer Lesha Galkin.

Lesha Galkin is a Russian product designer and illustrator who lives in St. Petersburg. For a group exhibition at the Milan furniture fair in 2014, Lesha Galkin has designed this storage kit named ‘Shkatulka’. Shkatulka (Cyrillic: шкатулка) is the Russian word for casket. Caskets with small secret drawers or double bottoms were popular in Russia in ancient times to store valuable and important items. Lesha Galkin’s storage kit ‘Shkatulka’ is based on the idea of keeping all important things in one place. This set of various modules was made from marble and wood. All individual modules can be combined in different ways.

All woodworks were made by Pavel Brick and Matthias Marte of Verstak. The marble parts were made by Aleksandr Baharev of Formadimarmo. You can find more of Lesha Galkin’s creative work on her website, just have a look here.

Storage kit Shkatulka by Lesha Galkin.
The storage kit ‘Shkatulka’ has been created by St. Petersburg, Russia based product designer and illustrator Lesha Galkin.
Shkatulka is Russian for a casket.
Shkatulka is Russian for a casket. It consists of several modules which can be combined in numerous ways.
Set of various modules.
Set of various modules. The modules were created from marble and wood.
Designed for storing a variety of things.
Designed for storing a variety of things. The individual boxes provide plenty of storage for different content.
Storage for pencils.
Storage for pencils, rulers, and other writing utensils.
Combine modules in different ways.
Combine modules in different ways. The combination of woodwork and marble creates a premium look and feel.
How it works.
Look how it works. Russian illustrator and product designer Lesha Galkin has created this unique storage kit for the group exhibition “Izba”, which was shown on the Milan furniture fair in 2014.

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