Discover the creative universe of illustrator Rachael Presky.

Rachael Presky is a freelance illustrator from the UK. Based on a figurative and contemporary style, she specializes in digital illustrations in unusual and satisfying color palettes. Furthermore, she often creates illustrations of largely familiar scenes with an elusive touch.

During the past years, she has worked for brands and publishers such as Adobe, Fizz Creations, The Big Issue, The Radio Times, Breathe Magazine, Teen Breathe Magazine, Underpinned, 91 Magazine, Standart Magazine, Trees for Cities, The Snow Centre, The Mobile Coffee Box, Popshot Magazine, Moonhood Magazine, and Harmoney (Spendable).

Below you can find some of her illustrations. Rachael Preskyan is an Adobe Stock Premium Contributor—you can see her portfolio for licensing stock images here.

Adobe Stock illustration by Rachael Presky.
Illustration by Rachael Presky.
Adobe Stock illustration by Rachael Presky.
Illustration by Rachael Presky.
Illustration by Rachael Presky.
Editorial illustration created for Breathe and Teen Breathe Magazines.
Editorial illustration for The Big Issue Magazine.
Small Changes, Big Difference
Illustration for scientific papers of Covid-19.
Personal illustration by Rachael Presky.

All images © by Rachael Presky. Do not hesitate to check out other creative work in our popular Illustration category. The section features a great variety of highly inspiring work ranging from handmade drawings to digital graphics.

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