Discover the creative universe of Portuguese illustrator Tiago Galo.

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Tiago Galo is a skilled freelance illustrator who started his professional career by working for small magazines and exhibitions, before finishing his degree in architecture at Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. In 2011, he was honored with a prize for best comic at the Amadora BD competition. In 2014, he received his Art Direction degree from Edit Creative School in Lisbon. After some years working as an architect, he was working again as a professional illustrator. A small selection of artworks can be found below. For more, please visit his website.

Down the Drain
Down the Drain – “Illustration for DATUM Magazine about Austrian public bathing lidos and their financial disasters article.”
Burned – “Now that the summertime is here take caution and don´t let yourself get burned.”
First Day at the Beach
First Day at the Beach.
Procrastination – “Definition: The action of delaying or postponing something.”
Caught Two
Caught Two – “These small aquatic creatures are quite common and can usually be found in swimming pools.”
The Big City
The Big City – “Everybody told me that if I wanted to be someone I should move to the Big City. Maybe that wasn´t such a good idea after all.”
Wild Guess
Wild Guess – “Call me crazy but I bet it´s gonna be a new world record.”
Wrong Kind of People
Wrong Kind of People – “Cotton candy always attracts the wrong kind of people.”

All images © by Tiago Galo.


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