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In typography, where the realm of gothic fonts has been well-trodden by classic typefaces like Trade Gothic, News Gothic, Franklin Gothic, Alternate Gothic, and yes, even Gothic Gothic, there emerges a new contender: PG Gothique by the talented font designer Paulo Goode. The PG Gothique font family is not just another addition to a long lineage of traditional gothic typefaces, but a unique and extensive offering that deserves a special place in your font collection.

But you might wonder, “Why should we consider adding PG Gothique to our arsenal when we already have these classics?” Well, the answer lies in the myriad of subtle design nuances that set PG Gothique apart from its historical predecessors. This font family is a remarkable fusion of inspiration drawn from the classics, yet it manages to stand on its own with distinct features and a vast character set. In fact, it is likely the most comprehensive Latin gothic font family ever released, boasting an impressive collection of 99 fonts that cover a wide range of styles and weights. For those who need even more flexibility, PG Gothique is also available as a single Variable Font, encompassing all the in-between cuts and widths.

PG Gothique font family by Paulo Goode
PG Gothique font family by Paulo Goode

PG Gothique has been meticulously crafted for a multitude of applications, making it a versatile choice for everything from branding projects to titles, body text, user interfaces, and movie poster credits. Whatever your design needs may be, this font family has a style that’s suitable for every purpose.

With 99 fonts to choose from, spanning from Thin to Ultra and available in six different widths, both in Roman and Italic styles, PG Gothique offers a level of customization that few font families can match. You can even activate the Stylistic Set 1 to access the alternative Slab-Serif style uppercase “I,” designed to enhance legibility when placed next to a lowercase “l.” Furthermore, PG Gothique boasts an extensive character set that covers all European Latin languages.

If you prefer the convenience of a Variable Font, PG Gothique Variable is the way to go. It provides an unprecedented level of flexibility, making it a practical choice for a wide range of design projects.

To top it off, you can test drive PG Gothique today with both the Regular and Italic fonts available for free download. Paulo Goode’s creation invites designers to explore a new dimension in the world of gothic typefaces, making it a valuable addition to any font collection. So why not embrace the versatility, uniqueness, and extensive range of PG Gothique and let your creativity flourish with this remarkable font family?

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