Graphic designer Dhimas Zoso has created a series of minimalist album posters for Pathetic Experience.

Pathetic Experience is an Indonesian acoustic-pop-folk duo from Surabaya. For their latest album – the Surabaya based freelance graphic designer Dhimas Zoso was asked to create a series of minimalist posters – one for each song of the album. Dhimas Zoso only used simple graphic shapes to create some fine visual representations for each song. With the use of only one color, the pre-release album poster collection provides a very minimalist look. Feel free to check out the selected images below. For more of Dhimas Zoso’s graphic work, please visit his portfolio on Behance. With a strong influence from Swiss graphic design, he mainly specializes in branding, visual identity development, and editorial work.

Rikala Semana is the second song, it means past time.
Rikala Semana is the second song, it means “past time”.
Senthir Rina Wengi means lamp in the night.
Senthir Rina Wengi means “lamp in the night”.
Secang – it’s some kind of a small tree from the legumes family. It is also the name of a refreshments drink from Yogyakarta.
Mù Guāng Zhī Yǔ means twilight rain.
Mù Guāng Zhī Yǔ means “twilight rain”. It’s the only song with a Chinese name.
Pathetic Experience - pre-release album posters by Dhimas Zoso
Pathetic Experience – pre-release album posters created by freelance graphic designer Dhimas Zoso.

All images © by Dhimas Zoso. Do not hesitate to find more highly inspiring work in our popular Graphic Design category. We show you a selected range of highly creative work created by some of the best designers and studios from all over the world.


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