Naïve Line Font Family from S&C Type

Naïve Line, a hand-drawn serif from French type foundry S&C Type.

The French type foundry S&C Type has been established in 2008 by Julien Saurin, Fanny Coulez, and Louis-Emmanuel Blanc. They mainly specialize in typefaces that offer a very simple and natural look and feel. Their Naïve collection comprises a range of simple, seemingly hand-drawn fonts. One representative of this superfamily is the Naïve Line font pack. As each member of the family, this serif version is based on a simple line construction. The typeface was designed by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin and comes in 5 weights including: Light, Regular, Bold, Black and Extra Black. Please read more below or click on the following link.

You can get this typefaces with its 5 weights here.

Naïve Line Font Pack from La Goupil Paris.
The Naïve Line font family from S&C Type.

The Naïve Line font family has been designed for the use in headlines and short text sections. It’s a unique display font that works great in both print and web media. The typeface can be combined easily with all the other representatives of the superfamily. You can use this handwritten typeface for a variety of applications such as logo designs, branding, invitations, and much more. For additional information on all features, just follow the link below.

You can get this type family on Creative Market.

All weights.
Naïve Line is a hand-drawn serif that comes in 5 weights: Light, Regular, Bold, Black and Extra Black.
Text samples.
Here you can see some examples of text samples.

Feel free to download this typeface on Creative Market.

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