Eyes on New York City based illustrator Marly Gallardo.

Marly Gallardo is an Ecuadorian illustrator who lives and works in New York City. Through conceptually driven imagery utilizing a varying range of colors and styles, she enjoys tackling diverse creative challenges. Since graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, Marly has worked for an impressive list of renowned clients such as The United Nations, The New York Times, CNN Money Magazine, Variety, Fortune Magazine, Yahoo, AARP, MTV News, WIRED, Rhode Island School of Design, Narratively, Inc. Magazine, OnOffice Magazine, among others. Furthermore, her illustrations have been featured in numerous publications both web and print media. A small selection can be found below. For more, please visit her website or follow this outstanding illustrator on Behance and Instagram.

Marly Gallardo, Figure studies
Figure studies by Marly Gallardo.
Marly Gallardo, Glass of Water
Glass of Water. “Water conservation and efficiency are vital to the protection of our drinking water resources and environment. One small change that can be made to reduce personal demand is turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth. The average person spends 3-5 gallons of water during each session. Instead use short burst of water to rinse and consider using a cup.”
Marly Gallardo, La Paisana
La Paisana. “Homage design to Andean culture. Dating back to the early Inca Empire women continue an ancient custom of carrying their baby on their back, securely wrapped in a blanket called “Aguayo”. The practice allows a mother to continue with her work and maintain close contact with her baby. Children are then exposed to their mothers daily interactions and task. The constant stimuli causes phenomenal audiovisual learning.”
Marly Gallardo, Estados Unidos
Estados Unidos. “Depiction of the continuous contribution the immigrant workforce has on the American economy.”
Marly Gallardo, Pregnancy Discrimination, Yahoo Beauty
Pregnancy Discrimination, work for Yahoo Beauty. “Depiction of the awful treatment women may receive from their employers when they become pregnant.”
Marly Gallardo, Trump's Pussy
Trump’s Pussy. Commentary on vulgar comments Donald J. Trump made about women during a 2005 conversation.

All images © by Marly Gallardo. Feel free to find more outstanding illustrative work on


  1. There is a image of hers in the June issue of National Geographic that is beautiful. I would like to obtain an original or signed print if possible. I am a Puerto Riqueno and it speaks to me. Please, kindly respond to surbronx@gmail.com.


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