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With this highly recommended online course by Cassius Rayner, you can learn all the fundamentals of mobile cinematography to create captivating videos that tell a story using your iPhone or Android.

Telling a story is one of the most gateways into someone’s heart. And what could be a more perfect medium to do so than through movies? This is where documentary filmmaking comes in, allowing you to establish and build a connection with your viewers. Cassius Rayner, an award-winning filmmaker, takes his filming techniques to new heights by using only his mobile phone as camera equipment.

In this online course, students will learn the essentials of filmmaking and how to produce professional-grade content using only their phones. They’ll discover how to plan, write, shoot, and edit an entire documentary or audiovisual piece from start to finish under the guidance of a skilled instructor.

Mobile Filmmaking Online Course: Capture Stories With Your Phone
Mobile Filmmaking Online Course: Capture Stories With Your Phone

What will you learn in this online course?

In this course, you will be meeting Cassius Rayner. He is an award-winning filmmaker and an iPhone cinematographer who will be sharing his creative journey with you that led him into the world of mobile filmmaking. You will get to learn about his creative process and find out more about the people who have influenced his work throughout the years.

You will also get a general overview of how a camera works on a mobile phone before delving deeper into exploring various mobile accessories and applications that can come in handy. By the end of it all, hopefully, you would have picked up some valuable tips from Cassius regarding the basics of operating a camera along with some composition and lighting pointers too!

Before you begin to work on your documentary, it is important to first understand how to record sound. This course will explore the basics of scriptwriting and address some pre-production concerns including permissions, scheduling, safety, and equipment.

By the end of this course, you will know how to shoot and edit your interview footage, including adding cutaways. You will also learn how to organize and grade your video before sharing it with the world.

The course is in English with subtitles available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish, and Dutch. You don’t need any experience for this course. All you’ll need is a mobile phone and a laptop.

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