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With this online course by Antic&Chic, everyone can learn to upcycle furniture.

Unlock your home’s potential by entering the captivating world of restoration! Celia and Marc, founders of the interior design studio Antic&Chic, can teach you how to bring new life into old furniture or household items. Revitalize your space with character and charm through these creative transformations!

Experience the diversity of methods to enhance furniture with Celia and Marc. They take you on an insightful journey into restoration as they reveal their top-secret tricks for creating eye-catching pieces that will add charisma to your home decor. Step by step, learn how craftsmanship can be used to transform ordinary pieces into extraordinary masterpieces!

Learn Furniture Restoration and Transformation with this Online Course for Beginners
Learn Furniture Restoration and Transformation with this Online Course for Beginners

What valuable knowledge and skills will you acquire from this online course?

Listen to the impressive story of Antic&Chic’s genesis, as Cecilia and Marc discuss their treasured projects, unraveling where they find motivation for their craft.

Uncover the fundamentals of restoration and transformation, as well as why they are different. Get acquainted with what to consider when purchasing materials so your project can turn out even better than you had imagined. Be sure to design the result before starting – this will guarantee that your piece is headed in the right direction from day one!

It’s time to dive into the project. First, determine what type of finish you wish to use. Subsequently, assess the current condition of your item and clean it up if needed; treating any signs of woodworm may also be necessary. To give a fresh look, take off the original varnish in addition to making minor repairs such as attaching glue or filler where appropriate.

Transform the appearance of your furniture with a few simple touches like sanding and priming! Celia and Marc will guide you through painting, varnishing, distressing, lacquering or even dip-dying to achieve unique effects that bring out its character. With just a bit of effort on your part – you can create something truly beautiful!

Who can benefit from this online course?

Perfect for both the novice decorator, DIY enthusiast, and interior design professional alike, this course provides a comprehensive guide to furniture restoration.

Necessary prerequisites and supplies

This course requires no prior experience in furniture restoration, so don’t worry if you’re just starting. You will utilize materials and tools that are available at any hardware store, including paint remover or stripper, steel wool, liquid woodworm treatment, flat-head screws, and sandpaper. Additionally, your teachers will provide guidance on which tools to use such as spatulas/scrapers screwdrivers drills chisels multi-tools, etc.

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