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This online course by Shaun Levin teaches you how to use the power of words to sketch a story that will be unforgettable.

To write an impactful story, you need to start with a foundation of ideas and scenes. From there, you can begin to shape your own personal narrative and develop compelling stories. Shaun Levin is a published author and creative writing teacher with over twenty years of experience, and in this online course, he shows you how to delve into your imagination to find everything you’ll need to become a prolific writer, no matter where you are.

This class offers a series of exercises to help you hone your writing voice and create a complete written work based on a topic you’re passionate about.

Learn creative writing with Shaun Levin.
Learn creative writing with Shaun Levin.

Through this online course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of:

Shaun starts the course by discussing his inspiration for becoming a writer and how personal experiences have impacted his writing style. He also shares which books and writers have influenced him throughout his career.

In the second unit, you get a taste of what you’ll be learning throughout the course by doing some fun and easy exercises. These include writing about things that happened during your day!

Learn about the different narrative choices you have for your story, and see how to improve your writing by analyzing other writers’ work. Experiment with diverse materials like notebooks and pens, and get started on writing by paying attention to what’s around you.

As a writer, you have multiple perspectives to choose from—use the right one for the story you’re writing. Sketch with words to get a feel for your story as an artistic creation. Use great works of literature as inspiration, and pay attention to shapes, echoes, and repetitions in your own writing. Don’t be too critical of yourself; trust the process.

To write a great story, you need to be able to dive deep into the details and see how different writing techniques can help you brainstorm new ideas. In this course, Shaun will teach you practical exercises to improve your observation skills so that you can find precise words and take notice of small details.

You will also learn how to edit and rewrite your work so that it is ready for publication. Finally, get Shaun’s tips and motivation on what it takes to keep developing and expanding your creative writing repertoire.

The course is in English with subtitles available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish, and Dutch. If you want to explore new ways of developing your ideas into stories, or if you simply wish to return to the basics of observation and description, this course is perfect for you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner writer or a creative writing teacher. Do not hesitate to find more recommended online classes on WE AND THE COLOR.


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