Guy Billout Illustrations

Discover the surreal and ironic work of French illustrator Guy Billout.

The French artist and illustrator Guy Billout was born in Decize in 1941. After finishing his art training in the city of Beaune, he started to work in the advertising industry before he finally moved to New York City in 1969. He quickly gained recognition with a few illustrations that have been published in New York Magazine. The creative Frenchman became well known for his aesthetic style, which he skillfully combines with surreal, sometimes ironic elements. His drawings seem to play with our perception. With other words, the artist often creates a clever twists on the ordinary life. His thought-provoking editorial work has been published in numerous magazines such as The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Business Week, Fortune, Time, just to name a few. Feel free and read more below the first image.

Guy Billout illustration.
Funny and ironic illustration by Guy Billout. Most of his work is contrary to our usual perception.

The colorful and pretty funny drawings are often characterized by a unique sense of aesthetics and simplicity. Delicate lines and bold colors give his artworks a mesmerizing effect. He draws scenes that contradict the laws of nature. Below you can find further examples. For more, please have a look at his official portfolio:

Guy Billout illustration.
A funny artwork by French-born illustrator Guy Billout. It seems that lovers always find a way.
Guy Billout illustration.
An ironic and surreal illustration created by Guy Billout. Walls are no real obstacles.
Guy Billout illustration.
Extraordinary work created by Guy Billout. The friendly reflection in the water says “hello”.
Guy Billout illustration.
Editorial work by New York City based French illustrator Guy Billout.

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