Gradefoldar Vintage Font Duo + Extras

Check out Gradefoldar, a new vintage inspired typeface that comes in two styles plus plenty of extras.

The handcrafted Gradefoldar typeface was designed to give you a stylish font that works fine in various applications. With its rough look and feel, Gradefoldar is a great choice for diverse retro designs including t-shirts, posters, header graphics, logos, and much more. The authentic typeface will definitely enhance your typographic work. Please read more below the first image or click on the following link.

You can get the font duo with all its extras on Creative Market.

The Gradefoldar vintage typeface.
The Gradefoldar vintage typeface is a new font duo with lots of features and extras.

Add a touch of vintage to your typographic work.

As already mentioned, Gradefoldar consists of two styles: Sans Normal and Script Normal. Its diverse options and features include uppercase and lowercase letters, initial and terminal letters, numerous alternate characters and swashes, punctuation and symbols, ligatures, and multiple language support. Gradefoldar also includes tons of amazing extras such as symbols, logos, badges, and icons. The following images give you a glimpse into its stylish universe. For more information, please follow the link below.

You can get this font duo here.

Example of use.
Here you can see an example of use. The fonts are a great choice for a variety of applications.
Sans Normal.
Sans Normal includes stylistic sets, international characters, punctuation and symbols.
Script Normal.
Script Normal includes uppercase and lowercase letters, stylistic alternates & sets, ligatures, swashes, international characters, punctuation and symbols.
Vintage inspired symbols, logos, badges, and icons.
The extensive set of extras comes with lots of vintage inspired symbols, logos, badges, and icons.

The typeface is available for low budget on Creative Market.

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