The Egg Series, a playful collection of 6 posters inspired by eggs in different ways

Nidia Dias is a freelance art director and graphic designer who collaborates with different studios and clients. Her creative work is mainly focused on the development of style frames and animations. She loves geometry, abstract shapes, and the interaction of light and shadows. During the past years, she has worked with companies such as FutureDeluxe, Analog, ManvsMachine, Territory, Weare17, Universal Everything, and Blur.

Her Egg Series is a playful collection of 6 posters inspired by eggs in different ways. Just have a look at the images below. For more, please visit Nidia Dias’ website or check out her portfolio on Behance.

Fried egg on the edge.
Fried egg on the edge. This piece is inspired by Dali’s artwork “The Persistence of Memory”.
Golden egg.
Golden egg. Nidia Dias has added a crown to the egg and instead of the sauce we have golden liquid.
In the box.
In the box. This is a funny take on kitchen timers that are usually shaped like an egg.
Egg yolk and flour.
Egg yolk and flour. This poster is inspired by dishes and recipes involving eggs.
Pure balance.
Pure balance. This artwork is a playful take on weight and the fragility of an egg.
Well arranged.
Well arranged. Some kind of pattern poster where only one egg is different.

All images © by Nidia Dias. You can find more inspiring work in our popular Design category.



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