Dan Mountford – Aesthetic Studies

Amazing images from a series of aesthetic studies by Dan Mountford.

“Dan Mountford” is not an unknown name for people who often browse the internet for experimental graphics and mixed media artworks. You can can read more about the talented designer below the first image.

3D artwork by Dan Mountford.
3D artwork by Dan Mountford. The work is based on image textures along with some experimental 3D objects in order to produce this surreal effect.

Dan Mountford was raised in Bedfordshire. Today, the multidisciplinary designer lives and works in Brighton, England. In particular, some of his experimental double exposure images went impressively viral on social networks such as Facebook or Tumblr.

In 2009, Dan Mountford received a BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Design from Milton Keynes College. Thereafter he attended a foundation course in Art & Design at Milton Keynes College from 2009 – 2010. In 2014, he received his BA (Hons) in Graphic Design from University of Brighton. Besides all these studies, he has worked as a freelance designer for a couple of agencies and big brands from different fields of business. His experimental work has been shown along a variety of publications ranging from print to web.

The Brighton based designer likes to experiment with a variety of media. The images in this article are part of a collection of aesthetic studies, which have been collected from both personal and unused client work. The collection includes a variety of mixed media and techniques ranging from experimental photo editing with Adobe Photoshop to 3D modeling or stylish double-exposure effects. You can find more of Dan Mountford’s creative work on his website. Feel free and check it out here.

An image from a series of aesthetic studies by Dan Mountford.
An image from a series of aesthetic studies by Dan Mountford.
Another example of Dan Mountford's aesthetic studies.
Another example of Dan Mountford’s aesthetic studies.
Beck cover artwork by Dan Mountford.
This cover artwork for Beck was created using a stylish multi exposure effect.
Bird's-eye view of a pool.
Bird’s-eye view of a pool. The direct overhead view creates the impression of a flat graphic or painting.
Double exposure effect.
A stylish double exposure effect.
Mixed media artwork.
Mixed media artwork. An organic structure created from countless layers.


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