Coco Gothic, a font family that takes a modern twist on geometric sans serif styles from the early 20th century.

Designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini in 2017, the Coco Gothic font family consists of 6 weights ranging from Ultra Light to Fat plus matching Italics and several alternative variants. The simple yet elegant design creates a modern take on typical geometric sans serif styles of the early 20th century. The countless typographic features include small caps, ligatures, alternate characters, all European languages as well as Greek and Cyrillic writing systems. Its uppercase letters come with plenty of historical variants. You can use this family for a rich array of typographic work such as brand and packaging design. For additional information, just follow the link below.

You can get this family as a low-budget introductory offer on MyFonts.

Coco Gothic font family from Zetafonts.
The Coco Gothic font family from Zetafonts.
Coco Gothic, type samples.
Some type samples.
Coco Gothic, a type family with 6 weights.
A type family with 6 weights. The bold style is available for free.
Coco Gothic, family variants.
The included family variants.
Coco Gothic, example of use.
This is an example of use. The typeface with all its styles is well suited for a wide range of work.

Feel free to download the family for a low budget on MyFonts.

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