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The Design category is an extensive collection of professional and highly inspiring projects from different fields including Branding, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Packaging Design, and Web Design. The featured projects have been realized by some of the world’s best designers and leading creative studios. We help you to stay up to date with the latest trends. If you want to submit your work, feel free to write to meandyou@weandthecolor.com.

Zimmer typeface by Julian Hansen

Typeface Recommendation The 'Zimmer' typeface is a legible, simple sans serif font Julian Hansen. "It is in the mould of classical neo-grotesque typefaces but relatively narrow...

Make Something Cool Every Day by Herman Lee

Make Something Cool Every Day. Selected graphics from a self initiated design project by Herman Lee for his personal motivation to create "something cool" daily....

Savannah Rocker Chair III by Jolyon Yates

Beautiful Furniture. The wooden Savannah Rocker Chair, designed in organic shapes by Jolyon Yates for ODEChair. The design of the organic, flowing shapes gives this chair...

Art Bulb – Digital Art by Sanjok

Art Bulb Digital artwork by Sanjok.

Poems in Calligraphy by Boglárka Nádi

Inspiring Calligraphy Poems from Sándor Weöres & János Pilinszky, calligraphic illustrated for art prints by Boglárka Nádi.

Graphic Art Prints by Michael Schmid

Stunning Poster Design. Digital and graphic art prints designed by Michael Schmid, a graphic designer from Germany.

Sony SmartWatch

Sony SmartWatch "Stay on top of life with just a tap, touch or a swipe of the finger to the smooth touch screen face of...

Designer Lounge Chair by Michal Bonikowski

Appealing Interior Design Visual identification and conceptual modelling of the Lounge Chair No.1 by Michal Bonikowski. "Float away on a sea of tranquillity in this stylish...

Furniture Designs by Jory Brigham

Modern Furniture Design Beautiful and modern sideboards by Jory Brigham, an American furniture designer. via contemporist.com

Fully Functional Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Creative Furniture Design A fully functional Nintendo (NES) controller coffee table, made from maple, mahogany and walnut with dovetail joinery and mid century modern legs....

Old Minimalist Product Design

Minimalism in product design from the 70s Images from "Bang & Olufsen – Design for Sound by Jacob Jensen", an exhibit at the MoMA in...

Papercraft Sculptures by Jennifer Collier

Papercraft Sculptures. Decorative papercrafts of objects like cameras, shoes, phones or a teacup by artist Jennifer Collier.