Have you ever wondered what would happen if birds and chairs could interact with each other in lovely illustrations? Montreal-born animator, director, and visual developer, Emmanuelle Walker, brings this charming idea to life through her delightful gouache illustration series – Birds and Chairs. With her unique blend of imagination, skill, and storytelling, Walker’s work is a true testament to the magic of art.

The Creative Mind Behind Birds and Chairs

Emmanuelle Walker is a rising star in the world of animation and visual development, hailing from Montreal, Quebec. She honed her craft at Gobelins, where she specialized in the third year of the program. Now residing and working in the artistic hub of London, UK, Walker’s artistic journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Her background in animation and directing lends a dynamic quality to her artwork, infusing her illustrations with a sense of movement and narrative depth. It’s no wonder that her Birds and Chairs series captivates the hearts of viewers, both young and old, taking them on an enchanting journey that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary.

Birds and Chairs - Gouache Paintings by Emmanuelle Walker
Birds and Chairs – Gouache Paintings by Emmanuelle Walker

Exploring the World of Birds and Chairs

At first glance, the Birds and Chairs illustrations may appear whimsical and playful, but they carry a deeper meaning beneath their colorful surface. Walker masterfully weaves storytelling into each piece, making them more than just images on paper. Each artwork tells a unique tale, allowing viewers to embark on a flight of fancy as they explore the imaginative world of chirpy birds and their cozy chair companions.

Gouache: Bringing Life to the Series

Emmanuelle Walker’s choice of medium, gouache, is central to the series’ charm. Gouache is a versatile and vibrant painting medium that strikes a perfect balance between watercolor and acrylics. Its opaque nature allows Walker to create rich and bold illustrations while preserving the subtlety of delicate details. The result is a collection of artworks that exude warmth, inviting viewers to dive into the heartwarming world of Birds and Chairs.

Bringing Birds and Chairs Home

For art enthusiasts and collectors eager to own a piece of this endearing series, Emmanuelle Walker offers select illustrations for purchase in her online shop. Whether you’re interested in acquiring a print to brighten up your living space or an original painting to treasure forever, Birds and Chairs will undoubtedly add a touch of whimsy and storytelling to your art collection.

All images © by Emmanuelle Walker. Feel free to see more of Emmanuelle Walker’s work on Behance or follow her on Instagram.