Atelier Olschinsky – Land of Pixels

Land of Pixels, a new series of digital artworks by Vienna based Atelier Olschinsky.

Often featured on WE AND THE COLOR, Atelier Olschinsky recently published a new series of digitally created artworks. ‘Land of Pixels’ is their first set of abstract illustrations in 2016. The three pieces are based on countless abstract arrangements of cubic constructions. It looks a bit like Tetris for advanced players. Each artwork creates a unique setting of countless details. They seem to offer a view into a strange world, a world that was created fully from bits and bytes. Inspired by both modern architecture and influences of the digital world, the Vienna based studio often develops futuristic artworks that pull the viewer into their spell. You can look at these pieces for hours and you will always discover new details.

Atelier Olschinsky was founded in 2002 by Peter Olschinsky and Verena Weiss. It’s a creative studio based in Vienna, Austria with a focus on various fields such as graphic design, illustration, photography, and art direction. In addition to their commissioned work for clients they love to work on self-initiated projects to improve and refine their skills. Below you can see all three pieces of their ‘Land of Pixels’ series. If you are eager to discover more of Atelier Olschinsky’s creative work, feel free and visit their website or check out some of their older projects on WE AND THE COLOR.

Land of Pixels 01 by Atelier Olschinsky.
Land of Pixels 01 – Work from a series of three pieces by Vienna based Atelier Olschinsky. Using a uniform color palette along with cubic shapes, the complete series offers a striking look.
Land of Pixels 02 by Atelier Olschinsky.
Land of Pixels 02 by Atelier Olschinsky. The series of digital artworks is based on cubic constructions. Just like most of their work, the series is inspired by futurstic architecture and abstract shapes.
Land of Pixels 03 by Atelier Olschinsky.
Land of Pixels 03 by Atelier Olschinsky. All of the three artworks are based on perspective illustrations.


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