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Asket, a highly professional font family in different widths and weights.

Created by Russian type designer Elena Kowalski in 2017 for foundry Glen Jan, Asket is a versatile font family for multi purpose. The family is equipped with 3 different widths (regular, condensed, and narrow), each comprises 8 weights plus matching Italics. Asket’s extensive character set supports all Western, Central European, Baltic, Turkish, and Cyrillic writing systems. In addition, the family comes with lots of alternative letter forms and other typographic features such as ligatures. Asket is a great fit for both striking headlines and texts in all lengths and sizes. To get some further information, just have a look at the images below or click on the following link.

You can purchase the complete family on MyFonts.

Asket font family.
The Asket font family was designed by Elena Kowalski for foundry Glen Jan in 2017.
Multi language support and alternative glyph forms.
Multi-language support and alternative glyph forms.

The complete family is available for purchase on MyFonts.

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