Jesse Draxler’s art explores a universe between life and death, consciousness and subconsciousness.

Much time has past since our first small feature of Jesse Draxler‘s creative work. This time I want to show you a little more of his unique creations. By working with photographs, paint and sometimes digital alterations, the Los Angeles based artist creates thought-provoking collages foremost in black and white. In an emotive and kind of philosophical way, Jesse creates large-scale pieces influenced by repressed subconscious as well as memories and certain sensations. His process of creation can be considered as a mix of construction and deconstruction. He’s abstracting human forms to visualize the interaction between body and mind. A selection of artworks can be found below. For those of you who want to see more of his collages and drawings, please visit his website.

Jesse Draxler collages
Jesse Draxler collages are characterized by dark hints and a semi-abstract style.
Jesse Draxler, partially disturbing and unique art.
His work is partially disturbing and unique.
Jesse Draxler, semi abstract work.
Semi abstract work.
Jesse Draxler, faceless portraits
Faceless portraits.
Jesse Draxler, depicting something Between life and death
Depicting something between life and death.
Jesse Draxler, distorting collages
Distorting collages.
Jesse Draxler, photography with painted alterations
Photography with painted alterations.
Jesse Draxler, two large-scale artworks in the studio
Two large-scale artworks in the studio.

All images © by American artist Jesse Draxler. Do not hesitate to find more inspiration on WE AND THE COLOR. Our Art category is filled with a lot of outstanding work created by both emerging and established artists from around the globe. Furthermore, we provide you with information on current and upcoming exhibitions.


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