ADCN Awards Animation by PlusOne

The creative struggles visualized by PlusOne’s stunning animation for ADCN Awards Ceremony.

PlusOne, an Amsterdam, Netherlands based design and animation studio collaborated with Ambassadors and Woodwork to create a series of animations for this year’s ADCN Awards held in Amsterdam’s concert and event hall, Paradiso. The following visual was produced for the category ‘talent leader’. The mind blowing animations reflect the struggles, blood, sweat and cheers during the average creative process. Audio studio Antfood was responsible for the sound.

Some additional facts about PlusOne studio.

The Amsterdam based studio was established in 2009. Since the opening, PlusOne has worked for numerous international clients including events and brands. Their outstanding animations won several awards. PlusOne’s team of creative specialists produces both commercial and artistic work. They work hand-in-hand with their clients during the entire creative process. You can find a little more of their work on WE AND THE COLOR or check out PlusOne’s website for more detailed information.

Watch the video below. By the way, the animation is also featured in our Vimeo Group and Channel. Enjoy it!

ADCN Awards Ceremony – animations by PlusOne, an Amsterdam based design and animation studio.
ADCN Awards Ceremony – animations by PlusOne, an Amsterdam based design and animation studio. The animation consists of several transformations to visualize different steps of creativity.
The animation is based on the creative struggles.
The full animation of 33 sec. is based on the creative struggles with all of the different phases. All the morphing movements were visualized in a consistent flow.

Feel free and discover more outstanding videos and animations on WE AND THE COLOR. Our Motion category features a wide range of topics including short films and motion graphics.


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