Have a look at our selection of the 15 best art blogs you should follow in 2021.

The last year has really not been a good one for the international art scene. Due to the global pandemic, many museums and galleries had to close for a long time and this will probably continue in 2021 (at least for a while). Many international exhibitions and vernissages still take place online. Therefore, art blogs have become even more important. They offer a daily source of creative inspiration while providing us with information on current and upcoming art shows. Below you can find our top 15 selection of the best art blogs to follow in 2021.


We would like to start this selection by introducing you to our own publication. For those of you who are not familiar with WE AND THE COLOR, this site is an award-winning online magazine featuring the very best from various creative fields ranging from design to modern art. Since 2010, we showcase outstanding artworks to provide you with a daily dose of creative inspiration.

14. EmptyEasel.com

EmptyEasel is an art blog that not only features a wide range of international artists but also provides readers with lots of amazing tutorials, business advice, and art research. For those who want to learn more about how to start a personal business as an artist or those who simply want to learn how to draw or paint, this website is a great source for you.

13. The Zine by Artzine

Provided by Artzine, the Zine is a digital magazine intended to serve as a voice for artists. Their aim is to celebrate the richness and diversity of contemporary art culture. Based on a variety of artist stories, the Zine features inspiring content related to the art world.

12. Colossal

With a focus on art, design, and visual culture, Colossal is a well-known art blog. They cover a wide range of highly inspiring topics and showcase the creative work of both emerging and established artists from around the globe.

11. Brooklyn Street Art

For those of you looking for the most anarchistic trends straight from the streets of our cities, Brooklyn Street Art is a perfect destination to find exactly what you are looking for. Launched in 2008, the website quickly evolved to one of the most popular street art blogs.

10. ARTnews.com

Known as the world’s oldest art magazine, Artnews also has an art blog with a focus on art events, current trends, and artists from all fields. This art blog also features plenty of reviews and insightful reports. With more than 788k followers on Instagram for instance, ARTnews also has many followers on social media.

9. The Jealous Curator

This beautiful art blog was launched in 2009 by Danielle Krysa as a place to showcase artworks that made her jealous. Danielle says: “I started the blog to document the work I loved, but more importantly, I wanted to find a way to flip the jealousy into something positive – admiration and inspiration to be specific. It worked!”

8. Artforum Internatonal

Based in New York City, Artforum features contemporary art and news along with insightful critiques and exhibitions. They also offer plenty of merchandise and selected artworks.

7. Ignant

Straight from Berlin, the cultural center of Germany, Ignant is one of the most aesthetic online magazines we know. They cover the best from various creative fields including art, design, architecture, photography, and also unique travel destinations.

6. Booooooom

Booooooom was founded by Vancouver-based artist Jeff Hamada. Today it’s Canada’s most popular art blog and known far beyond the borders. The art blog has its own online shop and a membership section. Readers are also invited to submit their own work for the chance of a possible feature.

5. Juxtapoz

Juxtapoz is well-known for both print and online publications. They feature a well-curated mix of current trends and underground movements combined with artist features and news on outstanding exhibitions.

4. Hi-Fructose Magazine

Hi-Fructose has been founded in 2005 by two artists, Attaboy and Annie Owens. It is actually a print magazine with a focus on various genres and trends. As popular as the print version is the online platform of Hi-Fructose.

3. Contemporary Art Daily

As the name suggests, here it’s all about contemporary art. Since 2008, this well-curated blog features art events and exhibitions. In addition, they showcase submissions by both amateur artists and professionals.

2. artnet News

Andrew Goldstein (Editor-in-Chief) says that artnet News is the world’s first dedicated 24-hour global art market newswire. Their goal is to inform, engage, and connect people with the world of art. Using a network of reporters and editors around Europe, Asia, and North America, their articles are always up to date.

1. Hyperallergic

Hyperallergic was founded in 2009 by Veken Gueyikian and Hrag Vartanian. This art blog has evolved into one of the leading voices in perspectives on contemporary art, culture, and more. Hyperallergic combines news coverage with insightful commentary.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of the 15 best art blogs for your daily inspiration in 2021. As always, we are happy to read your comments and let us know which one you like the most. For those who want to discover more inspiring art, just have a look at our extensive Art category.

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