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Empty sculpture, an installation work by Japanese artist Onishi Yasuaki.

Onishi Yasuaki – Empty Sculpture

Empty Sculpture by Japanese artist Onishi Yasuaki. Japanese artist Onishi Yasuaki sent me some images and a video of his past installation work, which was...
Stone Sculpture by Japanese Artist Jiyuseki

Stone Sculptures by Japanese Artist Jiyuseki

Incredible Stone Sculptures. Jiyuseki is a Japanese artist and sculptor who carves incredible sculptures in stone to create a perfect illusion of a soft or...
Wood Sculptures by Gehard Demetz

Wood Sculptures by Gehard Demetz

Sculptural Art. A selection of amazing wood sculptures by Gehard Demetz. These beautiful but also disturbing sculptures show children with an angry,  aggressive or unsympathetic expression...
Anamorphic Sculpture Jonty Hurwitz

Fantastic Sculptural Art by Jonty Hurwitz

Anamorphic Sculptures. This is totally amazing! Jonty Hurwitz, a London-based artist creates seemingly abstract artworks which only reveal themselves in front of a reflective cylinder. via...
Implement 3 Pencil Sculpture by Jessica Drenk - inside

Pencil Sculptures by Jessica Drenk

Sculptural Art. Nature-inspired sculptures made of pencils by South Carolina-based artist Jessica Drenk.
Seated Glass Figure by Daniel Arsham - made of broken glass and resin in 2012

Figurative Sculptures and Installations by Daniel Arsham

Fantastic Sculptural Art. Figurative sculptures and art installations by New York-based artist Daniel Arsham. The artist likes to work with differnt and unusual materials. Inspired...
Figurative Sculptures by Unmask

Figurative Sculptures by Unmask

Sculptural Art. Selected figurative sculptures that seem to dissolve created by artist collective Unmask from Beijing, China. Beautiful surreal artworks made from stainless steel with smooth...
Art Sculpture by Gregor Gaida

Freaky Art Sculptures by Gregor Gaida

Sculptural Art. Outstanding figurative sculptures by Bremen Germany-based artist Gregor Gaida. His sculptures often depict strange compositions of animals or interactions between people.
Tobey Rockyface

Abstract Head Sculptures by Jon Rafman

Sculptural Art Experimental and abstract head sculptures by artist Jon Rafman.
Samuel Salcedo - Head Sculptures

Creepy Head Sculptures by Samuel Salcedo

Sculptural Art. Funny or creepy?! Samuel Salcedo's sculptures are definitely an eye catcher. I would like to have some of these round human heads between...
Art Sculpture of Geometric Human Body Shapes by Antony Gormley

Sculptural Art by Antony Gormley

Amazing Sculptural Art. The artist Antony Gormley combined the shape of the human body with different geometric shapes. source: triangulationblog.com