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Increasing Action - Acrylic on Museum Board by Michael Cina

Experimental Abstract Visual Art by Michael Cina

Abstract Art. Experimental abstract artworks by Michael Cina, an artist with a background in graphic communication and visual narratives. Michael Cina loves to experiment with...
Portraits of Missing Women - Mixed Media Artwork by Karborn

Mixed Media Artworks by Karborn

Digital & Mixed Media Art. It's not the first time that I feature some digital artworks created by John Leigh better known as Karborn on WE...
Skin Series - Painting by Rosanna Jones

Skin Series – Mixed Media Collages by Rosanna Jones

Skin Part II. These are three mixed media artworks of Rosanna Jones' final major project. The theme of her university exhibition was "Concealment - looking...
Wasteland 01 - Digital Illustration by Atelier Olschinsky

Wasteland – Digital Illustration Series by Atelier Olschinsky

Wasteland - Digital Generated Artworks. Wasteland is the name of this digital generated illustration series by Atelier Olschinsky. The series was created for an exhibition...
Black and White Mixed Media Artwork by Silvia Grav

Artistic Photo Manipulations by Silvia Grav

Black and White Photo Manipulations and Mixed Media Artworks. Madrid-based photographer Silvia Grav creates dreamy photo manipulations and mixed media artworks. Her images often appear...
Somatic - Oil on Panel Painting by Kate Zambrano

Portrait Paintings by Kate Zambrano

Artistic Portraits. Selected oil and mixed media portrait paintings by San Francisco-based artist Kate Zambrano. The artworks convey a sense of dark elegance. Enjoy this...
Mixed Media Artwork by Januz Miralles

Mixed Media Artworks by Januz Miralles

Inspiring Art. Some mixed media artworks created in 2012 by visual artist Januz Miralles from Laguna, Philippines. The artist combined photography and photo manipulations with traditional painting...
Bella - Digital Mixed Media Artwork by Pierre Doucin

Digital Artworks by Pierre Doucin

Abstract and Surreal Digital Art. Amazing digital illustrations and mixed media artworks by Soemone aka Pierre Doucin. The digital artist creates a strange reality by...

LOLA Magazine / Abril Editora – Editorial Illustrations by Pianofuzz

Editorial Illustrations. A selection of editorial illustrations by graphic design and illustration studio Pianofuzz for several issues of the Brazilian LOLA Magazine, published by Abril...
Typographic Artwork by Sara Haraigue

Experimental Graphic Art by Sara Haraigue

Graphic Art. Selected experimental graphic artworks and a special graphic typeface designed by Sara Haraigue.

Illustration by Mika Mäkinen for Lux Web Magazine

Digital Illustrations. A set of digital mixed media illustrations and collages by Helsinki, Finland-based designer Mika Mäkinen for Lux web magazine.

Graphic Artworks by Diftype aka Niklas Lundberg

Graphic Art. Selected graphic artworks and poster designs by Diftype, the creative playground of Swedish designer, digital artist and illustrator Niklas Lundberg. His work has...