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Geometric Poster Illustrations by Kasper Pyndt

Coherence - Graphic Art Prints. Graphic poster illustrations by Kasper Pyndt for a series of 3 art prints. The digital artist and designer used geometric shapes...
Digital Artworks by Kasper Pyndt inspired by Microsoft Smartphone Concept Kin

Graphic Artworks for Kin Concept by Kasper Pyndt

Graphic Art. These artworks were created in 2010. Graphic designer Kasper Pyndt was asked to create a visual expression of his thoughts of Microsoft's smartphone...
Paper Cuts - Abstract Poster

Paper Cuts Posters by Kasper Pyndt Studio

Paper Cuts. Art prints by Kasper Pyndt Studio. "Posters made for an exhibition called Paper Cuts, which was arranged by the Copenhagen-based creative collective ArtRebels. The...