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Cubic Custom Web Font by Fontfabric

Cubic Font. Cubic is a custom web font designed by Svetoslav Simov for Fontfabric. This spacial geometric typeface is applicable for any type of graphic...

Dessau Font – Geometric Typeface Design by Javier Fuentes

Dessau Font. A vector based typeface by graphic designer Javier Fuentes. The font is inspired by the simplicity and intersection of lines and various geometric shapes. "Taking...
Graphic Art of Geometric Shapes by ngrafik

Graphic Art of Geometric Shapes by Jaime Romero

Geometric - Graphic Works. A series of graphic artworks created with simple geometric shapes by Jaime Romero, a graphic designer, digital illustrator, and web designer...

Electro Font – Typeface Design from Thinkdust

Electro Font. An experimental typeface from Thinkdust. Geometric lines with sharp edges give this font its futuristic look. You can buy the Electro font on MyFonts. Buy...

Atelier AF – Brand Identity by Blok Design

Modern Brand Design. Minimalist visual identity by Blok Design for Atelier AF, an international art consultancy firm based in Mexico City. The modern, geometric identity...

Letro Font – Slab Serif Font

Letro Font. Letro is an amazing modern geometric slab serif font available in two weights (light, regular). The font is inspired by early Swiss sans-serif...

Graphic Art by Jeremiah Shaw and Danny Jones

Geo A Day. Daily graphic artworks and illustrations of graphic shapes by Jeremiah Shaw and Danny Jones.

Geometric Tables – Furniture Design by The Fundamental Shop

Outstanding Furniture Design. The Atlas dining table and the Herakles side table are two well-crafted wooden tables made of geometric shapes by the Fundamental Group.

Computer Graphic Inspired Illustrations by Siggi Eggertsson

Amazing Illustrations. Some computer graphic and patchwork inspired illustrations by Siggi Eggertsson. The illustrations are created from lots of similar geometric elements.

RBNo3.1 – Sans Serif Font by René Bieder

Font Design. RBNo3.1 is a modern looking geometric sans serif font by Rene Bieder, an Art Director and Senior Designer based in Berlin, Germany.
Paper Cuts - Abstract Poster

Paper Cuts Posters by Kasper Pyndt Studio

Paper Cuts. Art prints by Kasper Pyndt Studio. "Posters made for an exhibition called Paper Cuts, which was arranged by the Copenhagen-based creative collective ArtRebels. The...