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Typographic Artwork by Sara Haraigue

Experimental Graphic Art by Sara Haraigue

Graphic Art. Selected experimental graphic artworks and a special graphic typeface designed by Sara Haraigue.

Limbic – Audiovisual Video Clip from Institut Fuer Musik Und Medien

Limbic. An audiovisual video clip from Institut Fuer Musik Und Medien (IMM). "limbic" is a Visual Music clip which reflects the emotional processing of music in the...
Quad Polar Evolution of 2040 - Abstract Digital Artwork by Karborn

Experimental Fine Art Prints by Karborn

Digital Art. Artist Karborn creates experimental, mixed media fine art prints. Available as high quality giclee prints.
Studio Kxx Poster Series - Inspired by the Song: The Voice of Energy/die Stimme der Energie by Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk Inspired Poster Series by Studio Kxx

Voice of Energy. Studio Kxx/Krzysztof Domardzki created this experimental typographic poster series. It' inspired by the song 'Voice of Energy / Die Stimme der Energie'...

CS Zero Typeface and Poster Designs by BenChalit Sagiamsak

Graphic Experimental Typeface Design. Graphic designer BenChalit Sagiamsak has created the CS Zero Typeface. The typeface consists of 2 styles and 62 letters. BenChalit Sagiamsak created...
Disassembly - Painting by Brendan Monroe

Paintings by Brendan Monroe

Art Inspiration. A selection of acrylic paintings on paper by Oakland, California-based artist, illustrator and sculptor Brendan Monroe. With his art he tries to interpret...
Digital Art - Anatomy Studies of Hands by Linza

Digital Art – Anatomy Studies of Hands by Linza

Anatomy Studies. A series of digital artworks by the Russian Artist, Graphic Designer and Illustrator Linza. The artist plays with several effects of deformation and...
SEMBLANCE - Pencil and graphite drawing by Von

Pencil Drawings: Semblance and Bird Series by Von

Fascinating Experimental Visual Art. This is an outstanding collection of artworks of the Semblance and Bird series by London-based illustrator and artist Von. Since I...
Painting by Chris Scarborough

Experimental and Surreal Paintings by Chris Scarborough

Art Inspiration. Some surreal, abstract and experimental artworks by Chris Scarborough. Chris Scarborough’s paintings ar part of numerous private and public collections. Exhibiting since 2000,...

Experimental Video and Sound Design by Modularfield

Death Trap - Taste of Future Started in 2006 as a platform for creative common releases the label Modularfield looks back on more than 30...
Your Majesty - Poster Experiments

Poster Design Experiments by Erik Jonsson

Your Majesty - Experimental Digital Art Prints. Works from a print series of the Your Majesty poster experiments by Art Direcor Erik Jonsson.

Experimental Typeface Bato by Atelier Olschinsky

Type Design. An experimental and futuristic typeface designed by Atelier Olschinsky from Vienna, Austria.