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VOID Illustration Series by Iris D’arbre

VOID, a dreamlike illustration series created by Iris D'arbre. Iris d'arbre is an artist and illustrator who lives and works in Paris, France. Her artworks...
The Ascent - Painting by Chloe Early

Paintings by Chloe Early

Dreamlike Paintings. In 2012, I already reported about the artworks of Chloe Early and her solo show ‘Rainbow Ruins’ at the Corey Helford Gallery in...

Minimalist Illustrations by Ray Oranges

Daily Life in a Dream. Ray Oranges is an illustrator and a multidisciplinary graphic designer. He lives and works in Florence, Italy. This series called...
Surreal Portrait by Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen

Surreal Paintings by Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen

Dreamlike Paintings. This is a collection of surreal paintings and dreamlike portraits by Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen, a self-taught artist from Norway. Uldalen's figurative paintings reflect...
Painting by Alex Roulette

Oil Paintings by Alex Roulette

Paintings Inspired by Memories. Selected paintings with oil on panels by Alex Roulette. His artworks are a fictional journey inspired by dreams and memories. Suburban...

Choros – Experimental Filmmaking by Michael Langan and Terah Maher

Dreamlike Multiplied Movements. "Choros" is an experimental film directed by Michael Langan and Terah Maher. The short film shows a chorus of women created by...
Rescue Party - Painting by Robin F Williams

Fantastic Paintings by Robin F Williams

Visual Art. Amazing paintings by New York-based artist Robin F Williams. The paintings look like images of a strange dream. Simply beautiful art.
Painting by Lee Jin Ju

Dreamlike Surreal Paintings by Artist Lee Jin Ju

Surreal Visual Art. The fantastic paintings by Korean artist Lee Jin Ju look like separated scenes, taken out a a dream. source: booooooom.com
Kim Daehyun Illustration

Black and White Illustrations by Daehyun Kim

Incredible Surreal Illustrations. Korean illustrator Daehyun Kim aka Moonassi creates beautiful dreamlike - surreal black and white illustrations. Check out more of his creative artworks here.
Painting by Jeremy Geddes

Strange but Super Realistic Paintings by Jeremy Geddes

Awesome Oil Paintings The oil paintings by Australian artist Jeremy Geddes often show floating or colliding people in empty landscapes, rooms or urban sceneries.