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Installation on the border between Mexico and the US created by French artist JR.

Installation by JR on the Border between Mexico and the US

French artist JR has created a large-scale installation in Tecate, Mexico displaying a little child who seems to look over the barrier to the...
Stefan Tosheff Illustration

Illustration Multiple Boy by Stefan Tosheff

Multiple Boy. Illustration by Stefan Tosheff for the student project: "Children and mental health". "The brief for this project was to create an illustration for the...
Kasia Slowianska Painting - DaVinci - Mona Lisa

Famous Masterpieces as Chibi Paintings by Kasia Slowianska

Repainted masterpieces with a little difference. Kasia Slowianska repainted famous artwoks and masterpieces like Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Rembrandt's self-portrait, or the Girl with a Pearl...

Time Magazine – Photography by Martin Schoeller

TIME Magazine Cover. VAUGHAN HANNIGAN, an international artists management agency, based in New York, sent us this story about the shot for the Time Magazine...

Star Wars Kid Darth Vader Illustration by Octopus Treehouse

The Front Yard. Doesn't he look innocent?! Darth Vader as little child, illustrated by the artists collective Octopus Treehouse. Check out more cute Star Wars-Kids...

Digital Art – D.O.T. by drfranken

Digital Art - D.O.T. Abstract digital artwork designed by drfranken.