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Character design challenge by Renaud Lavency

Monthly character designs by illustrator Renaud Lavency.Renaud Lavency Renaud Lavency is a Brussels, Belgium based freelance illustrator and art director. To improve his skills, he...

Sukanto Debnath – Character Design

Stunning studies on character design by Indian freelance illustrator Sukanto Debnath. Sukanto Debnath is a multi-talented artist and illustrator who specializes in diverse creative fields...

The Joy Parade by Richard Walker

The Joy Parade - Limited Character Illustrations. Richard Walker produced a series of 9 panels for his solo show 'Happy to Conform' at the Brunswick...

Robots Character Design and Illustration by CreatureBox

Cartooning Character Design. Enjoy this amazing selection of Robot character designs by CreatureBox, a design and illustration studio specialized in character design and comic art.