Rob Bailey – Graphic Artworks

Minimalist graphic artworks of the ‘Above and Below’ print series by Rob Bailey.

Rob Bailey lives in Manchester, UK where he works as a freelance artist, illustrator and graphic designer. During the last years he has worked for clients such as Google, Ford, The New York Times, Seaworld, Umbro, The New Republic, Wired Magazine, Die Zeit, Mercedes Benz, the New Yorker, Brunswick, and many others. As an artist he prefers to let his creativity run free. There are no guidelines or other requirements to meet a client’s need. The illustrations below were part of Rob Bailey’s ‘Above and Below’ collection. In this series, the artist uses a very simple, two-dimensional imagery. The artworks refer to his graphic approach of simplicity and symbolism. His love for purism is clearly visible in the ‘Above and Below’ series.

Below you can see his three prints of the series in this exact order: ‘A Pair of Waders’, ‘Freestylers’, and ‘High and Dry’. You can find more of Rob Bailey’s creative work on his website. Check it out here.

'A Pair of Waders', an illustration from the series Above and Below by Rob Bailey.
‘A Pair of Waders’, an illustration from the series Above and Below by Rob Bailey.
This print by Robert Bailey is called 'Freestylers'.
This print by Robert Bailey is called ‘Freestylers’. The series is based on a very simple, two-dimensional style as we know it from logos or icons. This pure symbolism is the result of minimalist graphic shapes.
Graphic artwork 'High and Dry' from the 'Above and Below' print series.
Graphic artwork ‘High and Dry’ from the ‘Above and Below’ print series. Rob Bailey used only a few colors and simple graphics in a flat 2D style.

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