Phil Hackett Illustrations

Selected work from both commissioned and personal projects by British illustrator Phil Hackett.

Currently based in Bristol, UK, Phil Hackett is working as a freelance illustrator since 2007. Before he started his professional career, he has graduated from the Hereford School of Art and Design with a 1st Class degree in Illustration. Phil Hackett’s vivid work is inspired by sports, lifestyle, politics, and all the things that surround him in his everyday life. His impressive list of clients includes names such as The BBC, The Guardian, The Financial Times, Sky, GQ, The Economist, Waitrose, The Lancet, Nature Magazine, The Independent, Unilever, Richmond Publishing, and The Oxford University Press. He is represented in the UK and US by Eyecandy Illustration Agency. Below you can find a small selection of his creative work. For more, please visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

Skateboard illusion.
Skateboard illusion. This work is reminiscent of a graphic artwork made by legendary Japanese graphic designer, Shigeo Fukuda.
Fidel Castro, 1926 – 2016
Fidel Castro, 1926 – 2016
Cover artwork for the Lancet, about preventative treatments for Alzheimer's disease.
Cover artwork created for the Lancet for an article about preventative treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.
“Trumpocalypse”, a design made after Donald Trump’s win of the United States presidential election in 2016.
From a set of illustrations for Storey.
From a set of illustrations for Storey.
Illustration for Bridget Christie's fab column in the Guardian.
Illustration for Bridget Christie’s fab column in the Guardian.
Latest illustration for The Lancet.
Phil Hackett’s latest illustration for The Lancet. The topic is based on new breakthroughs in the treatment of migraines.

All images © by Phil Hackett. Check out our Illustration category to find more inspiring work created by some of the most talented illustrators from all over the world.


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