Eyes on Finnish artist Riikka Sormunen.

Born in Helsinki in 1987, Riikka Sormunen is a Finnish artist who creates sensual illustrative paintings. Her feminine artworks combine rich colors with inspirations from artists such as Gustav Klimt and contemporary fashion styles. With a narrative approach, Riikka Sormunen paints rich scenes that draw the viewer into their spell. The characters in her paintings often have this special facial expression, which is very typical for her work. They seem kind of tormented and exhausted. Her artworks always leave questions unanswered giving the viewer some space for their own interpretations. Some paintings of her rich portfolio can be found below. For more, please visit her website or follow this talented artist and illustrator on Instagram.

Riikka Sormunen, Six Bellybuttons
Six Bellybuttons – work from 2011 with watercolor and gouache in the size of 32 x 45 cm.
Riikka Sormunen, After the Show
After the Show – another artwork from 2011.
Riikka Sormunen, Alien Ritual
Alien Ritual – artwork with watercolor and gouache (37 x 38 cm) from 2014.
Riikka Sormunen, Detour
Detour – painting from 2014 created with watercolor and gouache in the size of 29 x 39 cm.
Riikka Sormunen, Litterhead
Litterhead – watercolor and gouache painting in the size of 49 x 35 cm. It was created in 2012.
Riikka Sormunen, Wood
A painting from 2017 called ‘Wood’.

All images © by Finnish artist Riikka Sormunen. Do not hesitate to find more exceptional artworks on WE AND THE COLOR. Our popular Art category features both emerging and established artists from all over the world. We also provide you with information on current and forthcoming exhibitions.



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