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Online Course: Fantasy Character Drawings in Procreate

Fantasy Character Drawings in Procreate
Fantasy Character Drawings in Procreate

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Use Procreate to create unique character designs from start to finish, tapping into your imagination and creativity.

Nicholas Kole is a character designer and illustrator who uses visual elements to tell the stories of the beings he creates. He has worked on franchises such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro the Dragon, and collaborated with major clients including Disney, Dreamworks, Nintendo, and Netflix.

This online course teaches you how to create fantasy characters in Procreate. Nicholas guides you through the entire creative process, starting from the concept phase to the final artwork. You will learn about shapes, shadows, color, and volume to bring your imagination to life. The course is focused on designing original heroes.

Fantasy Character Drawings in Procreate

What are the learning objectives of this online course?

Join us to meet Nicholas Kole, who is your teacher for this course. He will talk about his career as an illustrator and share his sources of inspiration and influences with you.

To develop your character concept, begin by answering important questions about the story you want to tell. Create a mind map to connect related ideas and visualize them on a mood board.

To make your figures more dynamic, draw a set of thumbnails that focus on flow and the line of action. Nicholas will also show you how to play with shape proportions to create rhythm and balance in your design. After that, keep refining your sketch with more detailed elements until it’s ready for coloring.

Discover how to infuse your character with a lively personality through effective masking and painting techniques. Learn how to incorporate chromatic harmony, achieve the perfect balance between hard and soft shadows, and create a sense of depth and dimensionality. Complete your masterpiece by adding the finishing touches.

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