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Weekend Reads: Inspiring Designers, Artists, and Architecture

"ArtiFacial": Exploring the Blur Between Reality and Artifice by Manu Grinspan

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This Sunday, we want to bring you a handpicked selection of inspiring articles from WE AND THE COLOR. From architectural marvels and design trends to captivating art exhibitions and educational resources, there’s something for everyone. Dive into these engaging reads to fuel your creativity and keep you updated with the latest in the world of art, design, and architecture.

Villa Theatro Hotel: Where History Embraces Modernity in a One-of-a-Kind Setting

Villa Theatro Hotel: Where History Embraces Modernity in a One-of-a-Kind Setting
A historic building originally designed by Moura Coutinho in the early 20th century was beautifully renovated by Atelier Arquitectos Aliados. Ivo Tavares stunningly captured the transformation through his photography.

Discover the transformation of a 20th-century building by Atelier Arquitectos Aliados into the stunning Villa Theatro Hotel. This architectural overhaul breathes new life into historical structures while seamlessly adapting them to modern needs. The juxtaposition of historical charm with contemporary design elements creates a unique atmosphere that pays homage to the past while embracing the future. Read more

Top 20 Design YouTube Channels to Follow in 2024

The Best Design YouTube Channels to Follow in 2024. Header image by vegefox.com (via Adobe Stock).

As a designer, staying updated with trends, tools, and techniques is crucial. This article features the top 20 YouTube channels you should follow in 2024. Whether you’re looking for tutorials, inspiration, or industry insights, these channels offer a wealth of resources for continuous learning and personal growth. Read more

Professional Brand Guidelines Template

Brand guidelines template for Adobe Illustrator and InDesign made by Theme_riser.

Whether you’re launching a new brand or revitalizing an existing one, having well-defined brand guidelines is essential. This professional template is designed to help you showcase your corporate identity with clarity and consistency. Download it now to ensure your brand’s visuals and messaging are cohesive across all platforms. Read more

AI-Enhanced Design: The Hottest Trend of 2024?

AI Design: The Hottest Design Trend of 2024. The image was generated by Wizart using AI. It’s available for free download on Adobe Stock.

Dive into the fascinating world of AI-enhanced design and explore how artificial intelligence is shaping the creative landscape. From generating innovative design concepts to streamlining workflows, AI is becoming an indispensable tool for designers. Learn about the latest advancements and how you can leverage AI in your own projects. Read more

Exploring Magical Realism: Katrina Jurjans’ Solo Exhibition at The Untitled Space

Katrina Jurjans – solo exhibition at The Untitled Space in NYC

From June 13 – June 22, 2024, a selection of Katrina Jurjans’ art was on display in a solo exhibition at The Untitled Space in New York City. Her works captivate viewers with elements of magical realism, blending the fantastical with the everyday. This exhibition was a must-see for art enthusiasts who appreciate the intersection of reality and imagination. Read more

Landscape Painting Online Course for Beginners with Gouache

Landscape Painting Online Course with Gouache for Beginners

Unleash your creativity with this beginner-friendly online course on landscape painting using gouache. This course by Madeleine Bellwoar provides step-by-step guidance to help you master the techniques of this versatile medium, whether you’re a complete novice or looking to refine your skills. Read more

“ArtiFacial”: A Journey Through the Convergence of Authenticity and Illusion

“ArtiFacial”: Exploring the Blur Between Reality and Artifice by Manu Grinspan

Delve into the fascinating intersection of authenticity and illusion in contemporary art with Manu Grinspan’s “ArtiFacial.” This exploration challenges the boundaries of reality, questioning what is real and what is fabricated. It’s a thought-provoking journey that offers new perspectives on art and perception. Read more

How Design Makes Us Think — A Book by Princeton Architectural Press

How Design Makes Us Think, a book published by Princeton Architectural Press.

How Design Makes Us Think: And Feel and Do Things” by Sean Adams explores the powerful effects of design on our emotions and behaviors. The book uses numerous examples to show how design elements in graphic design, product design, and architecture can inspire, provoke, amuse, or anger us. It delves into the psychological and sociological aspects of design, emphasizing the responsibility of designers to create with intention and awareness.​ Read more

Flanders House: Where Architecture and Nature Harmoniously Coexist

SAOTA designed a contemporary home in Belgium

The Flanders House, designed by SAOTA, is a contemporary architectural masterpiece in the wooded landscape of Flanders, Belgium. This project integrates seamlessly with its natural surroundings, featuring a main house, a basement garage, and a pool pavilion with a home office. The design includes landscaped courtyards, koi ponds, and a swimming pool. The house’s exterior combines solid cubes and glazed voids, while the interiors open to terraces and a central atrium. The material palette includes marble, sandstone, and aluminum, creating a sophisticated yet harmonious connection with nature. Read more

All images © by the respective owners. Enjoy your weekend with these insightful and inspiring reads. Stay tuned for more curated content from WE AND THE COLOR, where we celebrate the best in art, design, photography, and architecture.

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