Tahnee Lonsdale, hailing from the picturesque county of Sussex, England, is an artist whose creations possess a metaphysical prowess that transports viewers into a realm of celestial wonder. Through the medium of oil paint, she weaves a rich tapestry of ethereal figures that seem to transcend mere artistry, imbuing a sense of meditative introspection upon the observer. It’s as if her brushstrokes are a channel to another dimension, encouraging viewers to contemplate their connection with the universe and the enigmatic forces that shape our existence. Interestingly, Tahnee’s creative journey finds inspiration in cinematic marvels like “Cocoon” (1985) and “The Abyss” (1989), with the latter being one of her all-time favorite films.

Artist Tahnee Lonsdale
Artist Tahnee Lonsdale

But Tahnee’s artistic prowess doesn’t stop at the canvas. She also crafts iconic soft sculptures that invoke awe, wonder, and an irresistible desire to snuggle. These sculptures, sometimes stretching up to a staggering 14 feet in length, are more than mere artistic pieces. They are vessels of comfort, inviting emotional release and even meditation. Tahnee emphasizes that these sculptures are meant to be lived with, serving as receptacles of weighted energy designed to hold space for us—embodying comfort and solace.

In 2024, Tahnee Lonsdale is set to captivate art enthusiasts on a global scale, with solo exhibitions planned in both Los Angeles at Night Gallery and Paris at MASSIMODECARLO’s Piece Unique. This impending showcase of her work hints at an impending bravado, a manifestation of her unyielding dedication to an otherworldly approach to creativity. Amidst career milestones and the joys of motherhood, Tahnee retreats to the solace of her sunlit studio in Venice, immersing herself in solitude and nature trips along California’s coastline.

The excitement surrounding Tahnee Lonsdale’s work continues to escalate. This month, she graces Frieze in London, where Night Gallery will proudly present several of her paintings, accompanied by a talk for CURA Art / Christie’s Young Collectors Club. Looking forward to January 2024, Tahnee plans to explore new artistic horizons during a week-long ceramics residency. This exciting venture will allow her to delve into the potential of clay, expanding her multi-disciplinary practice and adding another layer of creativity to her already brilliant repertoire.

Tahnee Lonsdale’s artistic journey is an evolving odyssey, a tale of creativity that intertwines the cosmos and the personal. With every stroke of her brush and every contour of her sculptures, she invites us to journey with her into the unknown, prompting us to contemplate the beauty and mysteries that grace our world.

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