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AMOR Illustration Series by Joan Alturo

AMOR illustration series by Joan Alturo

AMOR – the different types of love illustrated by Joan Alturo.

Joan Alturo is an editorial illustrator from Barcelona, Spain. In his creative work he captures a concept and then he develops the idea. Everything is expressed through his metaphorical visual language, always with a critical, provocative, and fun touch. Joan Alturo’s series “AMOR” illustrates different types of love in 12 conceptual artworks. The illustrations share a uniform style and color scheme. This is what he says about his work: “Few words, so small, enclose such a big concept. Few words, so tiny, have been used so much for such a constant use, sincere or false, safe or uncertain, perennial or fleeting. Few words with so few letters have filled so many writings, so many books, so many letters. Few hearts have not experienced the warmth of their name, the color of their appearance or the smell of their fragrance. Few have enjoyed it in its fullness. But all of us, however, run blindly behind its elusive shadow, trying to awaken the sleeping echo of a smoking fire.”

Below you can find a selection of illustrations. The full series can be seen on his website. By the way, the series is being exhibited this month at El Diluvio Universal Gallery in Barcelona.

AMOR illustration series by Joan Alturo.
AMOR illustration series by Joan Alturo.
Long distance Love
Self Love and Platonic Love
Free Love

All images © by Joan Alturo. Do not hesitate to check out our Illustration category to find more inspiring work.

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