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Discover the art of retouching and editing photos with Adobe Photoshop, the foremost digital imaging software in the world.

Explore the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop, the leading digital imaging software in the industry. For years, Photoshop has provided artists with the essential tools for enhancing and refining their visual projects, as demonstrated by the impressive work of digital artist Harrison Kuykendall.

Join Harrison Kuykendall in this 6-course Basics and discover his expert techniques for producing impactful digital content in your unique style. Follow the lead of this NYC-based designer as he imparts comprehensive knowledge on Photoshop, starting from the software’s fundamentals and leading up to the creation of animated GIFs.

In this introductory course, you’ll establish a solid understanding of the software by learning how to navigate the interface and become acquainted with the basic tools. You’ll also gain confidence in editing your images by exploring the wide range of resources and drop-down menus available.

In the second course, you will delve into the fundamentals of color and light. You will discover how to tweak and adapt the highlights and shadows of your image, using various techniques for burning and dodging. Once you have attained the right color and lighting, the remaining post-production process is yours to discover.

In the third installment of this Basics course, you will explore various techniques for creating selections and masks. You will learn the essential methods for extracting elements, with a focus on the Wand tool as well as more advanced options such as the Pen. Achieving a precise mask is crucial for manipulating your image in the future.

In the fourth course, you will discover the fundamental principles of retouching. You will have the opportunity to explore various techniques for correcting imperfections and learn how to effectively enhance skin appearance. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of how to maintain a natural and non-destructive retouching approach. You will also become familiar with the Clone Stamp tool and how to export your retouched image.

In the fifth installment of Basics, the focus shifts towards retouching still images. Gain insight into the distinctive challenges and techniques employed to edit photos and uncover Harrison’s insider tips for achieving the perfect shape and perspective in still images.

In conclusion, enhance your knowledge by understanding the concepts of image sizing and manipulation. Explore different techniques to adjust the scale, skewness, and distortion of your images using a variety of tools. Additionally, discover two distinct warping tools that can be utilized to create animated GIFs.

Once you complete this basic course, you’ll possess all the necessary skills and tools to enhance images like a professional. Whether you’re editing portraits, refining beauty and fashion photography, or generating lively animations from static images, you’ll be fully equipped to do so.

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