100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design

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Book Presentation: 100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design, a Lars Müller Publication.

Here comes another book on graphic design, which I highly recommend. Written by a number of authors and designed by Zurich based studio NORM, 100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design is a comprehensive and detailed reference on Swiss graphics. Using numerous pictures and interesting essays, the book illuminates the creative fields of typography, print design, journalism, font design, and the use of photography. On 384 pages, the book examines the work of different periods over the past 100 years. Read more below the first image or click on the following link.

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100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design.
100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design, a book from Lars Müller Publishers.

100 years that deeply influenced our sense of aesthetics.

Graphic design from Switzerland is most associated with meticulous precision and a high aesthetic level. For the last 100 years, Swiss graphic designers have created visual masterpieces that strongly influenced contemporary trends. Furthermore, they have created standards in terms of form and function. The book includes hundreds of well illustrated examples of notable creations from different decades.

100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design was written by a number of editors for Museum of Design Zurich. For further information, please follow the link below.

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A look inside the book.
Let’s have a look inside the book. The publication is filled with lots of captivating illustrations and illuminating essays by famous experts.
Swiss graphic design and how it relates to advertising, art, and politics.
A fresh look on Swiss graphic design and how it relates to advertising, art, and politics.

You can order your copy on Amazon.

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