Western Gothic, a photo series of images taken by Brendon Burton in the new American West.

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to the photographic work of Brendon Burton, a Portland, Oregon-based visual artist and photographer. Born in 1994, he spent his childhood on a farm in an isolated community. During this time, Brendon developed his distinct style and interest in vacant and decaying places. Western Gothic is a photo series, which masterfully reflects those feelings of isolation, peace, seclusion, loneliness, and infinite space. Using a cinematographic approach, the images show side effects of cultural isolation and the concept of liminal space. A few photographs of the Western Gothic series can be found below. For more, please visit Brendon Burton’s website or follow him on Behance and Instagram.

Western Gothic, a series of images taken by Brendon Burton in the new American West.
Western Gothic, a series of images taken in the new American West.
Brendon Burton Photography, Down to the ground.
Down to the ground.
Brendon Burton Photography, Into the fog.
Walk into the fog.
Brendon Burton Photography, Vacancy
Brendon Burton Photography, Sunbeams and dust.
Sunbeams and dust.
Brendon Burton Photography, Old wooden church.
An old wooden church.
Brendon Burton Photography, Last kiss.
One last kiss and a gun.
Brendon Burton Photography, With the flow.
With the flow.
Brendon Burton Photography, Tree hanging.
Tree hanging.

All images © by Brendon Burton. Feel free to have a look at our versatile Photography section. On WE AND THE COLOR, we show you the images of talented photographers from all over the world. Whether portrait, fashion, landscape, architectural or conceptual images, we show you the best of the best!

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