The multi-colored visual universe of photographer Vishal Marapon.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Vishal Marapon is a professional photographer who works for international clients including major brands such as The New Yorker, Inc Magazine, John Lewis, Kinfolk Magazine, Native Shoes, Hootsuite, Ivivva/Lululemon, Wings & Horns, etc. Due to his distinctive style, he gained much reputation on platforms such as Instagram or Tumblr. Over the past years, his photographs have been shown in numerous international publications both web and print media. Despite the diversity of projects for different clients, Vishal Marapon manages to keep his individual style. Whether architecture, landscapes, people or conceptual work, his inspiration comes from simply everything around him.

A selection of images can be found below. For more, please visit Vishal Marapon’s website or follow him on Instagram and Tumblr.

Vishal Marapon Photography, pigeons
Pigeons on a street lamp. What a great shot and composition!
Vishal Marapon Photography, clouds mural
A simple clouds mural.
Vishal Marapon Photography, Light blue stairs
Light blue stairs and geometric shapes.
Vishal Marapon Photography, rainbow car
That looks like a rainbow colored car.
Vishal Marapon Photography, shadows
Geometric shapes and shadows.
Vishal Marapon Photography, simple shapes
Simple shapes and pastel colors.
Vishal Marapon Photography, street corner
A street corner.
Vishal Marapon Photography, tennis court
The lines of a tennis court.

All images © by Vishal Marapon. Feel free to find more photographic work on WE AND THE COLOR. Our Photography section includes a vivid range of images captured by talented photographers from around the globe.


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