Let’s explore the photographic work of Vasjen Katro.

For those of you who have not heard of the photographer’s name yet, you are probably more familiar with the Baugasm project, which is Vasjen Katro’s daily graphic exploration of poster designs. His creativity seems to know no boundaries. Besides working as a graphic and UI/UX designer, he’s taking beautiful photographs, mostly on film, whenever he finds the time. This way, he captures special moments to make them last forever. Whether portraits or random shots made during his various travels around the globe, his photographs often convey a beautiful sense of nostalgia. A few images can be found below. For more, please visit Vasjen Katro’s Instagram account and don’t hesitate to follow this creative guy to stay up to date with his latest photographs. The Instagram account of his Baugasm project can be found here.

Reflections - Vasjen Katro Photography
Reflections – Vasjen Katro Photography
Nostalgic analog photography by Vasjen Katro.
Nostalgic analog photography.
On the way back home - Vasjen Katro Photography
On the way back home.
We changed perspective - Vasjen Katro Photography
We changed perspective.
Shot with film by Vasjen Katro.
This portrait was shot on film.
Playing chess in Budapest - Vasjen Katro Photography
Playing chess in Budapest.
Exploring - Vasjen Katro Photography
Exploring – Storytelling analog photography.
When exploring rooftops - Vasjen Katro Photography
When exploring rooftops.
Portrait with Leica M6 - Vasjen Katro Photography
A portrait shot with a Leica M6.

All images © by Vasjen Katro. Feel free to find more photographic work on WE AND THE COLOR. Our Photography category includes a selected range of eye-catching imagery shot by some of the most talented photographers from around the globe.


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