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The Top 10 Best Fonts for 2024

Best Fonts of 2024

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Check out our compilation of the top ten fonts that will be very popular among graphic designers in 2024.

Typography and type design are constantly changing and evolving. Some trends fade away and some last for a long time. We have carefully selected the top ten best fonts for 2024 based on current and future trends. Some of these fonts may be familiar to our regular readers from our reviews. We appreciate your feedback very much! It helps us to know what is popular right now and to anticipate what will be the next trends in typeface design. Our list of the ten best fonts for 2024 features a mix of classics as well as new typefaces and high-quality font families from some of the best type designers and font foundries in the world.

10. Maison Neue Superfamily

Maison Neue Superfamily by Milieu Grotesque
Maison Neue Superfamily by Milieu Grotesque

The original Maison typeface family has undergone a remarkable transformation in the Maison Neue superfamily, designed by Timo Gaessner and published by Milieu Grotesque. This review examines the details of Maison Neue, revealing its design principles, structure, style features, and the wide variety of styles within this superfamily.

9. Thistails Font Duo

Thistails Font Duo by Pana Type & Studio

Thistails is a font duo that combines a script and a sans serif typeface, designed and published by Pana Type & Studio. They are ideal for creating modern-vintage designs, such as digital lettering, logo design, t-shirt prints, business cards, or branding materials. They are made with care and accuracy so you can produce amazing visuals for quotes or nature photography like never before!

8. Glycerin Font Family

Glycerin font family by ROHH

Glycerin, a modern geo-humanist sans font, showcases the typographic expertise of Roch Modrzejewski from ROHH. Glycerin is a versatile text font family, with well-balanced characters, consistent color, and a charming, authentic italic style. It has great readability and strong character.

7. Marcovaldo Font

Marcovaldo Font by Zetafonts

The talented Andrea Tartarelli from Foundry Zetafonts created the Marcovaldo font, a stunning example of how historical elegance and modern innovation can blend together. Marcovaldo is a condensed wedge serif typeface that extends the renowned Calvino font family. It is designed for display purposes and has a captivating appearance.

6. Raspberie 90s Font

Raspberie 90s font by Variatype

I am a fan of everything nostalgic, so I was eager to explore the Raspberie font by Variatype, a typeface that evokes the classic retro design. This font is designed with care and passion, and it reflects the style of the 90s, offering a wonderful journey to the past. Raspberie is a versatile typeface that can be used for various media applications, such as poster design, graphic design, logotype, packaging design, and branding. It is a useful font for any designer who wants to create a retro look.

5. Brutalista Font Family

Brutalista font family by Latinotype

Brutalista is a sans-serif font family with 28 styles, designed by Jorge Cisterna and published by the Latinotype font foundry. It is a geometric typeface that draws inspiration from the brutalist architectural style. The Brutalista font family has a clean style that suits a variety of graphic design projects. The typeface is based on grotesque and neo-grotesque sources from the early twentieth century but with a more contemporary touch. Brutalista has a medium x-height, clear counter forms, and low contrast, which makes it versatile and functional. To find out more about this beautiful font family, please follow this link.

4. Fifty Fifty Font

Fifty Fifty Font by Up Up Creative

The Fifty Fifty serif font, created by Up Up Creative, has a regular and italic version. It has gently smooth curves and more than 100 ligatures. You can use the Fifty Fifty font for various projects, such as headlines, editorial design, monograms, branding, logotypes, and poster designs. It has about 700 glyphs and 115 standard and discretionary ligatures. It also has character variants and stylistic sets as additional OpenType features. The Fifty Fifty font supports multiple languages and currency symbols.

3. TT Travels Next Font Family

TT Travels Next font family by TypeType

TT Travels Next, designed by Kseniya Karataeva and the TypeType team, is a more radical display version of the popular TT Travels font family. They work well together as complementary families. The TT Travels Next font family has a wide display sans serif typeface with distinctive features.

2. Ferryman Font Family

Ferryman Font Family by Floodfonts

Fonts play a crucial role in visual communication, creating the mood and personality of the message they deliver. One font family that catches the eye in the modern scene is Ferryman, a work by Felix Braden of the acclaimed foundry Floodfonts. Ferryman revives the classic blackletter script, giving it contemporary readability and versatility, making it appealing to a larger audience.

1. Helvetica Now Variable Font

Helvetica Now Variable Font from Monotype

Published by Monotype, Helvetica Now is a font that can fit any purpose. The iconic Helvetica typeface has been completely reworked and refined to meet the needs of modern design and branding. Helvetica Now maintains the typeface’s Swiss principles of clarity, simplicity, and neutrality, while offering you a range of options for your typographic work.

We hope you enjoyed our curated list of the top ten best fonts for 2024. These fonts are suitable for various projects and purposes, from branding to editorial design. If you are looking for more inspiration, you can explore our recommended Fonts category, where you will find a wide range of styles and genres.

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  1. Marcovaldo is indeed a masterpiece of a typeface. I used this font in several branding projects because it offers a totally unique and sophisticated style.


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