Fashion and beauty portraits with a cinematographic touch captured by photographer and filmmaker Tom Mitchell.

Originally from Scotland, Tom Mitchell is a talented photographer and filmmaker who creates outstanding imagery filled with “an intricate balance of energy and emotional openness”. He has been working initially in the fields of music, video and sound production. Today he lives in London where he works as a professional photographer and filmmaker for a variety of well-known clients. His recognizable style is mainly rooted in his passion for cinematography and the ability to capture candid human emotions. Far away from orchestrated shootings, Tom’s photographs always convey a very relaxed atmosphere. It’s like making a fleeting moment last forever. His work combines spontaneity with a high level of professionalism. He is often hired for projects such as ad campaigns, fashion look books and editorials, beauty portraits, short films, and TV commercials. Tom Mitchell is represented by Premier Artists.

Check out some images below. For more, please visit his Instagram account.

Tom Mitchell Photography, close up in black and white.
Close up in black and white. All images are characterized by a very natural look.
Tom Mitchell Photography, relaxed shootings in a calm atmosphere.
A relaxed shooting in a calm atmosphere, that’s typical for his photographic work.
Tom Mitchell Photography, sitting at the table.
Sitting at the table and taking some images.
Tom Mitchell Photography, found the beauty on the ground.
Finally we found the beauty on the ground. What a beautiful snapshot!
Tom Mitchell Photography, male model captured in black and white.
A male model captured in timeless black and white.
Tom Mitchell Photography, smoking hot.
Smoking hot – it’s all about capturing the beauty in a simple moment.
Tom Mitchell Photography, in the supermarket.
An image from a photo shoot in the supermarket.
Tom Mitchell Photography, beauty and fashion photography.
Stunning beauty and fashion photography by London based filmmaker and photographer Tom Mitchell.
Tom Mitchell Photography, close up beauty portrait.
Close up of a beauty portrait.
Tom Mitchell, cinematographic photography.
Cinematographic photography full of seduction and natural models.
Tom Mitchell Photography, capturing fleeting moments.
Capturing fleeting moments in everyday situations.

All images © by Tom Mitchell. Do not hesitate to find more inspiring images captured by outstanding photographers from all over the world in our popular Photography category.

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