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3D Type for Flyer Design by Robert Hellmundt

F**k Art, Let's Dance! Experimental 3D Type for a flyer design, done in Adobe Photoshop with a hand-painted look by Robert Hellmundt.

Herbie – Display Font by Infamous Foundry

Outstanding Font Design. A beautiful looking typeface, designed by the Infamous Foundry. "Herbie is a uppercase display font with alternates on every character (lowercase), based only...

Type Design by Pedro Leal

User, User Stencil and User Upright - Type Family. A monospaced type family with 30 styles by Pedro Leal. "User is a monospaced type family with...

Zimmer typeface by Julian Hansen

Typeface Recommendation The 'Zimmer' typeface is a legible, simple sans serif font Julian Hansen. "It is in the mould of classical neo-grotesque typefaces but relatively narrow...

The Regan Slab – Typeface

Regan Slab A typeface, designed by Jonathan Hill. "A precision cut slab serif typeface. Simple curves are combined with sharp angles to provide a readable font...

The ‘Really Useful’ Poster Series by Mash Creative

Really Useful Posters. Designed by Mash Creative, an independent design studio, based in East London/Essex.

Type Rules! The Designer’s Guide to Professional Typography

Type Rules! The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography Author: Ilene Strizver "The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography, 3rd Edition is an up-to-date, thorough introduction to the...

RespectType by Miguel de la Garza

RespectType - Type Tribute. A tribute to the good old type designs. Graphic artworks by Miguel de la Garza. "Use good type designs no matter what,...

Typeface for Wired Magazine by Studio8 Design

Wired Magazine Typeface. Graphic font design by Studio8 Design. "A typeface designed for Wired. Used throughout the magazine and iPad app for chapter headers the typeface...

INTRO – A Free Font by Fontfabric

Intro - Free Font. A new free font by Fontfabric Type Foundry. Download here.

Experimental Paper Craft Type by Brent Jackson

Experimental Type Design Paper Craft type, design in origami style by Brent Jackson. You can download the type as an EPS vector graphic, here.